Charlotte Osho

A woman’s true story of faith, hope and triumph in Charlotte Osho’s vivid memoir about the migrant experience and overcoming an abusive partner.

The Jagged Path tells the story of a young girl’s journey from an idyllic life in rural 1940s Nigeria, through the heartbreak of losing her parents, tumultuous years with uncaring guardians, an abusive marriage which ended in betrayal, to finally finding hope and happiness.

In this powerful tale of resilience, fortitude and faith, Charlotte Osho describes arriving in mid-sixties London faced with an onslaught of new experiences, unfamiliar foods, a very different climate and of course, the shock of racism. But though she quickly adjusted to her new home, dreams of a happy marriage and security were soon shattered by a husband who became emotionally, financially and physically abusive. Left to raise their three children alone, Osho was, at times, bereft, uncertain how she would overcome these challenging circumstances. But through a chance conversation with a colleague, she reconnected with the church, finally finding the fellowship and sense of community she had been looking for. And through her new-found faith she gained the resilience to keep fighting, truly building a life on her own terms and the confidence to develop her nursing career to support her young family.

Charlotte Osho was born in Isire, Nigeria moving to the United Kingdom in the mid-sixties. There, she trained as an NHS nurse, dedicating over forty years to the service. She is an artist and committed Christian. Charlotte lives in East London.

Charlotte explains: “I was at an NHS Retirement Fellowship meeting where a speaker was sharing her experience of writing her life story, explaining how great it was to preserve her personal history for loved ones. My thoughts turned to my own story and how I too wanted to share it, not only as a gift to my family but to inspire others.
I sat down and began to write. It was a slow process but I was encouraged by the hope that readers would draw encouragement from my experiences. I hope the book empowers those who may feel lost or can’t see a way out of a diffcult situation and that, through my story, they are able to triumph over adversities they may be facing.
Equally, I hope Jagged Path inspires others to write their stories too. We all have a unique history. Not only does mine offer a firsthand account of the West African migrant experience, it also offers a window into reconnecting with faith, working in the NHS as a global majority nurse, as well as the devastation caused by an abusive partner.”